Columbia South Carolina Intercontinental Hotel

The Torch Bearer Award is the highest award in the IHG system and we honor you for being the best hotel in our system. Honored as one of the 10 Best Hotels in North America by the International Hotel & Lodging Association of America (IHLA), honored for your commitment to being a great hotel within the IhG system and for our commitment to excellence.

The NRECA Annual Meeting is a place where the leaders of the American electric cooperatives can establish valuable professional links and exchange best practices. United Power is planning an event at Riverdale Regional Park that, if conditions permit, will be held in a virtual in-person format. To book a stay, please visit the Intercontinental Hotel Express at 1 - 866 - 743 - 5555 or visit us online at www. The 2019 National Renewable Energy Cooperative Association annual meetings are scheduled both virtually and in person and can be booked online and in person at the International Hotel & Lodging Association of North America (IHLA). The 2020 NreCA annual meeting is scheduled to take place July 25-27, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina, home to the North American Electric Reliability Council.

If you choose this great boutique to spend the day in Columbia, you can do even better, but if not, you can choose one of the many great restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants available at the Intercontinental Hotel Express. We choose a very posh place to stay and we select guests who should be able to stop in one of our many restaurants and bars in the Columbia South Carolina area and be part of their stay.

If you want to experience this beautiful city, a large number of Columbia hotels can offer you the best that can make your vacation absolutely perfect. Check out the great variety of bars and you'll find a great hotel in Columbia during your stay.

On behalf of the City of Newberry, we would like to thank you for this well-deserved recognition, "Mayor Senn said. Since opening in 2009, the hotel has offered guests in Newberries the best of both worlds: a safe, comfortable and affordable hotel and a great community experience for residents and visitors alike, said Executive Vice President and General Manager of Columbia South Carolina Intercontinental Hotel. The 2012 Torch Bearer Awards will be presented on Saturday, May 27, 2012 at the Columbia Convention Center in Columbia.

The Indiana Touchstone Energy Cooperative hosted the Youth Tour in Washington, D.C., which provided hundreds of young Hoosiers with the opportunity to visit the nation's capital and learn more about the federal government, cooperatives and the utilities industry.

The city also houses the largest children's museum in South America, which always offers fun and recreation when you travel with children, and there are many great restaurants and bars for those of us who just want to relax and enjoy our vacation. Places like Columbia also have many boutiques and independent hotels that host tourists from around the world. If you are on a budget trip, it is always a good idea to search online for cheap hotels, where we can even find some good hotels that sometimes offer amazing seasonal discounts.

Guests can swim in the chlorine pool - complimentary salt water - check emails in the business center, work out in the fitness center or go swimming in the outdoor pool. Babysitting services for children aged 5 and over and babysitting services for older children are available.

Those interested in this opportunity can fill out and visit our applications. International applicants who have degrees from colleges and universities in the United States do not need to apply to TOEFL or IELTS.

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In a metropolis like Columbia, there are often cheap hotels aimed at tourists who prefer to spend on experiences rather than luxury accommodations. If you present an annual meeting on a remote basis, you may be burdened by seat restrictions or travel arrangements. There is even a laptop viewing area with a variety of laptops available in the hotel lounge.

The Inn at USC ( is one block from Gervais Street and offers 117 rooms on the University of South Carolina campus. This boutique hotel offers amenities such as a full-service restaurant, bar and lounge, as well as a spa and fitness centre.

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