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In October 2019, the number of homes being foreclosed on in Columbia, SC, was 2.5 million, compared with 1.7 million in October 2018. South Carolina has the second largest number of banks in the country owned by banks, and its capital has the highest foreclosure rate of any major city with a population large enough to meet demand. There were 4.8 million foreclosures in September, up from 5.2 million a year ago, according to RealtyTrac. In October 2019, there was a decline in the number of homes being foreclosed on in Columbia, SC, from 3.6 million to 2 million.

When looking for the best real estate investments in Columbia, SC, focus on the local economic outlook, not the city itself. If you want to invest in Columbia real estate, you need to find a place where the expected appreciation in value is positive. If you're looking for a good place to invest in the Columbia real estate market in South Carolina, you should know which good places to invest in. Local economic prospects are what you want, but not necessarily the most important factor.

Other types of housing that are prevalent in Colombia are houses that have been converted into apartments, as well as single-family houses. Home prices range from $3.5 to $880, and there are also a number of single-family homes on the Columbia real estate market, with home prices ranging from $475 to $3,000. In addition, there is a wide range of affordable apartments for sale in South Carolina, ranging from $1,500 - $2,000 for a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom and two bathroom house with an additional rent of $5,000.

When you decide to buy a foreclosed home in Columbia, remember that your real estate agent is constantly pushing for your offer to be confirmed and the settlement time to be scheduled. Hot listings in Colombia can be pending for about 6 days and can be sold for over half the list price.

If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Columbia, SC. All you need to do is look at the details of your preferred property listings and use the form there. You also need to work with one of our local brokers, such as the Columbia South Carolina Real Estate Association. Learn more about savvy real estate investors who have retired early in life by investing locally in Columbia SC's real estate market.

You can also use our maps and views to find homes and apartments you want to buy before closing based on amenities in Columbia, SC.

If you can't find a neighborhood on our subdivisions page and want to search a particular neighborhood for a list, you can use our subdivision and neighborhood, which covers all the major subdivisions in Columbia, SC, as well as any other neighborhoods you may have visited. Descriptions, photos, demographics and statistics of the properties, including the most up-to-date real estate information for each subdivision and neighborhood in the area. There are results for those looking for an overview of an area, such as a map of all neighborhoods in a particular subdivision or a list of houses and apartments you might visit in that neighborhood.

Of course, knowing where to find real estate deals in Colombia's real estate market is only part of the equation. The more information you have about the housing market, the better off you are. Chris is a native of Lexington, South Carolina and specializes in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties in and around Columbia, SC.

He has been a member of the Columbia South Carolina Real Estate Association (SCREA) for 10 years and has been based in Columbia, SC since 2009.

We can show you lots and land for homes in Colombia as well as a list of the most popular properties in the area.

As a lifelong resident of Colombia, we are confident that we can assist real estate specialists in navigating and negotiating the purchase and sale of your Columbia home. We are a team of experienced real estate agents from Columbia SC whose full-time job depends on brokerage and investment of real estate as our primary focus. All our agents are either active members of the Columbia South South Carolina Real Estate Association or dependent on it as their primary source of income. Each broker is responsible for their own personal financial management and has the expertise and experience to ensure that every property transaction meets your needs.

As long as the supply of housing meets demand and market entry - affordable housing remains affordable - real estate investors will miss this opportunity. Because Colombian real estate investors account for a significant share of the state's housing market and the majority of buyers, they have the best chance of finding deals with attractive profit margins if they prioritize motivated sellers.

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