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Located on Main Street in Columbia, experience downtown life with delicious meals prepared from scratch in the kitchen. The menu changes twice a day and usually includes grilled steak, homemade pork chops, Dijon-fried eggplant with spinach and artichoke hearts and sautéed shrimp. You will usually find grilled steaks and pork chops from the house brine, but there is a menu that includes a wide range of options that include chicken, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and pork ribs. If you miss this, you should definitely go back to the menu, which is changed twice a day.

You will certainly like this grill, and steaks are available almost everywhere, but the best place to do it is Columbia, South Carolina, with a wide selection of options.

From black catfish to chips, this restaurant offers a true taste of the south. Eating in the South is a way of life, and eating well means coming and going to hundreds of restaurants, but also eating well.

This restaurant, which opened in 1905 and survived until 2002, is the Capitol Restaurant in the Brennan Building at 1210 Main Street. After the demolition of the restaurant Blue Marlin's Restaurant, the depot was bought and renovated. Jaco's Tavern, located on the corner of Rosewood Drive and Bluff Road, has been closed for more than a decade due to the construction of a new building on the site.

The first restaurant to open in Colombia was the Richardson Street Tavern, located near the State House and run by Revolutionary War veteran Timothy Rives. Hunter's Gatherer opened in the early 1990s, when breweries were in vogue, and is known as one of the first craft beer restaurants in South Carolina and the only one in Charleston.

Sumter Street was the first restaurant to open in the revamped Vista District, opening in 1941, and it has been one of South Carolina's most successful restaurants ever since. In the early 1980s, Mr. Friendly's may be remembered as a sandwich shop, but in 1995 it was rebuilt into the great restaurant it is today. Motor Supply was one of the first restaurants to help transform the Vista District and build a reputation for itself. After opening, it quickly became a backbone for the neighborhood, and a few decades of business have only reinforced that.

You can eat here every day and you might dream of going vegan, but the menu is always consistent and always good. But it's not just barbecues and shrimp and grits, as there are a number of great fish dishes (if you're wondering, the best in town is probably the Blue Marlin), and the Shrimp & Grit are some of the best in town. You can open this local chain for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so you might as well eat there all day. It is not only a place for dinner, but also for regular political visits, with the President, many candidates and other celebrities. It is so delicious, especially the sweet potatoes, which you can only eat for a few minutes in the restaurant.

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The Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar at 841 Sparkleberry Lane - 4 is open for lunch and dinner. From Tuesday to Saturday, from lunch to dinner, guests can enjoy a wide range of food and drinks, as well as wine and beer. The shop offers freshly baked bread, various salads, sandwiches, pasta, soups and much more.

If you prefer not to plan your vacation dinners in advance, a stroll through downtown Columbia will take you to a number of interesting restaurants. In recent years, it is mainly gastronomy that has gained momentum, and you can find pretty much everything you desire.

The Twin Peaks Restaurant uses a combination of local ingredients such as fresh herbs and spices, as well as locally sourced meat and seafood. Some standout dishes include pork belly, pork ribs, chicken and pork chops, but leave no room for decadence. Try the Rockefeller, roasted green tomatoes with goat cheese and balsamic reduction, fried scallops or blackened chicken with roasted peppers and garlic sauce.

If you don't want to regret more than necessary in the morning, Beezer's is the best choice. In Colombia, he suggests, much of the damage depends on the location and number of restaurants. You could hit the busy grease compound that is a waffle house, or you could cook - at a table - at a local farm restaurant, such as the Blue Ridge Grill. We lose a lot of variety but you never forget that, "he says.

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