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When it comes to thinking about activities in South Carolina, many people know Mrytle Beach and Charleston, but they are not the only places to visit. The coastal destination is a top destination for many and at the same time a dream trip for nature lovers. Sesquicentennial State Park is the perfect destination if you are looking for things you can do or are a fan of nature - loving activities. This 26,000 hectare national park offers everything from birdwatching to hiking, biking, fishing, camping, hiking and more. It's not just a national park in South Carolina But it's also home to one of the state's most beautiful beaches, the Great Smoky Mountains.

It features a planetarium, an observatory, a 4D theatre and submarines that offer a unique insight into the history of the oldest and most famous submarines in the world. Located in the Columbia Mill textile building, built in 1893, the museum features more than 1,000 years of history and artifacts from South Carolina's history.

Stroll through picturesque Riverfront Park, visit the South Carolina Military Museum, visit the Museum of Art, and explore the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Sometimes, film festivals are held here, which are among the top activities in Columbia, SC. New exhibits are constantly being opened, which makes it a great place for new visitors and a unique thing. The most visited attraction in Colombia, which you should not miss, is the zoo.

The South Carolina State Museum features artifacts and other incredible exhibits focusing on the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Learn about the history of South Columbia and see displays that tell the history of the state, such as the State Capitol, the Confederate States of America and the US Capitol.

At the South Carolina State Museum, visitors can step back in time and find artifacts and exhibits that tell the state's history. The history of the South, including the Confederate States of America, the Civil War and the U.S. Capitol, can be seen on a free trip to the McKissick Museum. This was the first and only museum dedicated to reconstruction and is located in the heart of the University of South Columbia campus. Here you can visit the university and its history, as well as the collection of artifacts from the past and present of the museum.

The city has several museums dedicated to the history and art of children, including the South Carolina Museum of Natural History, Columbia Children's Museum and Carolina Art Museum. Many of these museums offer a family-friendly component, which includes from kindergarten to kindergarten and slightly older kindergarten ages as well as a children's department. The history of South Columbia is told through a wide range of interesting exhibitions at the State Museum in Columbia and several other museums in the city.

If you want more, visit Kershaw Skate Park, which is one of the most popular skate parks in South Carolina and the second largest in the country. If you have the chance, head to Art Wood Farm in Blythewood to watch the South Carolina Equestrian team.

Expect to feel caught looking around for a while, even if you just want a short break from the sun. Stop by Russell House, have a coffee and then enter the Mast General Store, which also houses the merchandise store of the Gamecock football team in South Carolina. Grab a coffee and buy some of their merchandise, including hats, jackets, sweats and more. It's pretty much the best place to escape the heat in Columbia, South Dakota, and expect to get up early in the morning and late in the evening, especially during the football season.

There are many places where you can have fun without opening your wallet, and even if it doesn't attract anyone by itself, there are many free activities that are worth visiting even in summer. Some of the best day trips you can do in Colombia are to Greenville, Parris Island and Beaufort. Discover the history of the DZ University, visit the Mudzeum of the State of South Carolina and much more.

You will be forgiven for including the South Carolina Farmers Market on this list because it is one of the state's most popular farmers markets. Farmer markets are not your typical tourist attractions, but we have compiled a list of them so you can have a destination to visit all year round.

Columbia Canal Riverfront Park is located in Columbia, South Carolina, just a few miles south of Charleston, SC. This is one of the state's most popular tourist attractions and a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

With more than 5,000 years of history and also a National Park Foundation award winner, there are some amazing things to do in Columbia, South Carolina. One of the best sports museums in the country is located in Charleston, SC, just a few miles south of Columbia Canal Riverfront Park.

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