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I can't believe it's been two months since I went to Columbia, SC, for Memorial Day Weekend this year. It consisted of some of the most delicious and inspiring food I've had in a while, and the kind of people I'd met in a while. I started my trip with a trip to South Carolina to refuel at the Carolina Heritage Barbecue Plate, which I drank through Columbia SC. We ordered the Carolina Heritage Barbecue plate, which contained a variety of meat, ribs, chicken, pork and pork ribs from across the state.

One of my previous visits to Colombia, which I still remember fondly and which I must visit again, is the Gourmet Shop, an institution in Colombia. I've eaten here before on previous trips to Columbia, but on my most recent visit I forgot to take out Caroline's here, and that's what I got.

Five Points is also the center of some of Colombia's historic sites and the center of contemporary culture and activities. It is also one of the five most popular restaurants in South Carolina, with a reputation for great food and excellent service. American cuisine served in a classic "American" cuisine inspired by sister restaurants in Charleston. Five Points is located in the heart of historic downtown Colombia, just a few blocks from the Columbia-Charleston border.

Columbia was originally located on the opposite bank of the Congaree River, and was established and designated as the capital of South Carolina by a 1786 legislative act that moved the seat of government from Charleston. The Confederate flag still flies at the Capitol and has prompted long-standing calls to boycott the display of Confederate flags at the state Capitol and other government buildings. Columbia, for example, is one of the first planned cities in the country, founded in 1788 when it was moved to Charleston as its capital after the death of President George Washington in 1787.

Experience a 3-day gourmet tour of Colombia and, like a real Lauren Carnes vacation, a trip to the Farmers Market will be included. While in downtown Columbia, follow this link to find a comprehensive list of restaurants, shops and restaurants in downtown Columbia. Walk down King Street, head to Charleston City Market to shop from over 300 merchants, explore the historic homes on Rainbow Row and Battery, watch cargo ships on River Street and catch them on time on Tybee Island beach.

If you have the chance, head to Wood Farm in Blythewood to watch the South Carolina Equestrian team. Book a modern charter bus to relax with a full day of shopping, dining and entertainment on your 3-day trip from Columbia to Charleston, SC.

There are no non-stop flights to or from the following cities (some cities are seasonal and only operate flights on certain days of the week). Be the first stop on your 3-day trip from Columbia to Charleston, SC, on a charter bus or bus tour.

Enjoy an early dinner by the water in nearby Georgetown, then head to Myrtle Beach for the night. Start with a visit to little Pendleton and enjoy lunch at Village Green before heading to the beach for a few hours to enjoy the sun and sand.

If you are attending a conference in Colombia or hoping to visit USC, staying at a Columbia hotel is the best choice. The amenities of the Hilton that you would expect, along with the good food, make this hotel the perfect choice for your stay in Columbia, SC. If you are traveling with children, Hyatt Place Columbia Downtown Vista is the best choice. Its location in the heart of downtown Columbia makes it look like a university, but with all the amenities you would expect.

We have a lot of great information about Colombia and what it's like to be in the city, as well as some great photos of Colombia as it is.

If you want to get out of the house to have health and safety measures in mind, read our tips on where to go and stay in the land of smiling faces and beautiful places. For more information on South Carolina travel and tourism, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We can't start covering all the places we want to mention, but you only need a few minutes of your time and a little research to discover all of Colombia's destinations. Columbia is known for its University of South Carolina, so plan your visit and bring the best clubs with you when you are in South Columbia.

If you are keen to grab some souvenirs, Five Points is a notable shopping destination in Colombia, full of independent shops and boutiques. With miles of forest trails, this park offers the opportunity to experience the deepest forests in South Carolina. If you haven't done it yet, the Biltmore Estate is a must - see the Ridge Mountains, and zip through the Blue Ridge Mountains will give any adventurous traveler a thrill.

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